When you’re in the car on the way to work, fighting off negative self-talk, what are you listening to on your fancy headphones that you sometimes wear when you’re driving even though you really shouldn’t? Something energetic, but you don’t want to oversell it; not too upbeat then, probably. Something just right.


Make something everyday – even if it’s just a playlist



When you’re driving your bus and counting loops while your passengers spin conspiracies what will you be listening to? Excessively chilled out indie. That’s what.


Make something everyday – even if it’s just a playlist

Discmix/Feeling Stronger

I’ve been thinking about playlists. I got spotify premium a week ago and It’s so good. I can’t believe I’ve been slumming it with Pandora and itunes for so long. Having the freedom to listen to anything is really amazing. I’ve usually just playlisted similar songs together. Now, I’m trying to not see it as flat, but as something with the potential for topography.

When the weekend arrives and you’re psyching yourself up for grad school work what are you listening to? Maybe something like this.

Make something everyday – even if it’s just a playlist.