D&D-Style Shakespeare Alignment Chart

I will absolutely have this hanging on the wall of my classroom someday.



No-Prep Reading-Check Quiz.

Never spend valuable time writing questions for reading-check quizzes again! I got this idea from my field placement teacher. It’s so obvious; use the text itself to check for comprehension.

The day the assigned reading is due, put a selection from the text on the board. Ask students three questions about it.

What is happening in this passage?

What happened before?

What happens next?

The questions can be asked in different ways or adapted. The point is, teachers often spend a disproportionate amount of time assessing relatively small things like whether a student has read the assignment and gained a basic understanding of what they’ve read. This makes the reading-check into a routine that not only saves the teacher time and energy, it also helps the student by giving them a structure that they fit new information into as they read future assignments.